My CNC machine wanted friends to play with.

Furnace made thanks to

Glamour shots
 with 2 inch pipe crucible
 the two halves of the large furnace, plus the small one
 epic fail, why you ask?  because, I missed the instruction about how to build this burner at the bottom of the webpage
propane / MAPP burnerVersion 2, connects to air compressor Aluminum BlingI made this, it's supposed to be my initials, water in plaster made steam pocketsAluminum Ingot

pics of casting to come, when I get some

Hot wire foam cutter

I borrowed some vacuum former space for another awesome tool.

hot wire foam cutter Nichrome wire + pipe = nifty  thats my car battery charger clamped to the wire, works pretty good on 2 amp setting
 "You know, for the kids"

Pinball Machine Apron (Stern, Disco)

A light one day project to replace a missing part, I heart pinball machines

pinball machine apronthis piece guides the ball in to the hole

 its supposed to have slots to hold the info cards,

 I don't have time to construct steel stamping die.  Should I stencil pill bottles to go with the Disco theme?

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