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The Sacramento Hackerspace / Makerspace (Sacramento Open Shop) is half up and running, email for details, or check out the "people who really make things" meetup

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Alex Dickman's Finished Projects


Nixie Inspired 12 Segment Digital Clock

Geo "Nash" Metropolitan, + MPG mods

1939-ish Hawthorne Bicycle

Furnace for casting aluminum, hot wire cutter, Stern pinball apron

DIY Hot-tub Koi Pond

Short projects

Halloween Costumes

New Tar Paper Shop addition

Bally "Bumper" 1936 pinball restoration

Vacuum Former

Partially finished projects
(Yeah, I know, this could take a while)

3-axis CNC Machine

Cure for YLOD (PS3 hardware failure)

Support your Local ____!

Racing simulators

People who really build things

Extreme geek

Fast Track Hobbies (slot cars & hobby shop)

Sacramento Metal Arts Guild

Mobile Wood Shop