This Clock project started because I was bored, waiting for my daughter to be born, and then to be kicked out of the hospital. 

A 2 is not an upside down 5

 DIY clock

I've never been good with clocks with hands, being dyslexic and all.  I wanted a big clock that I could see from across the shop where I work, Barber's Shop Automotive in Sacramento. 

My messy workbench

It had to fit between the Berlina clip and the yellow pegboard, so I designed six inch high displays.  I cut down an aluminum movie poster frame that I got from a thrift store.  And drilled many holes in the particle board, transfered from a piece of paper by a center punch.  You know, to give it a consistently homemade look.

 12 segment key

segment key

This thing runs off of a pre-programmed clock chip putting out binary coded decimal (BCD) , and four BCD to nixie chips (10 number), from and...

driver board

For the real novel part, a special "number state" to 12 segment adapters, made from a matrix of adhesive copper trace and diodes.  Those are dumpster-dived clear plastic picture-frame inserts, I get extra style points for that.

diy circuit board

Yes, I know I did it the hard way.  I didn't have time to learn to program microcontrollers then.

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