1957 Two-tone Nash Metropolitan
Then, 1957 two-tone Metropolitan

1997 Geo "Nash" Metro
Now, 1997 Geo Metro Lsi

The Geo "Nash" Metro

The rear rims are from a Mustang, I was looking for cheap 14" rims on craigslist and found these.  The wideness compared to the stock 13" metro rims is a happy accident.  I couldn't steer with the alloys on the front, and I'm looking at the slightly tilted stance, with the Big Daddy Roth effect in the back, and It was meant to be.  I love blurring the line between seriousness and joking.

 Big rims and stencil art

Not really a bullet hole, but i like the way it looked, so I didnt bondo it up.  I used my ancient stencil cutter and airbrush to give it that "urban" look

My car has a Tattoo

Custom made decal to match my tattoo, from the same photoshop file.

diy ventilated seat case fan seat ventilation  I'm a Bay Area native, but now live in Sacramento. The summers are not polite out here.  The AC works great in this car, but never gets between you and the 135 degree seat.  In comes the ventilated seat (partially complete).  I cut a hole in the seat bun, strapped a case fan to the bottom, and recovered the seat in a layer of burlap and breathable canvas.  Subtle, but workes well, I now need to finish the seat back.

Fuel mileage mods:

I've installed an interupt switch with a 440 Ohm resistor to make the ECU think that the IAT(intake air temperature sensor) temperature is 150 degrees F.  First test: went from 30mpg to 32mpg.

Also working on LED headlights, first experiment almost worked, except wasn't bright enough for night driving, 180 mA H7 bulbs bought off ebay

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